Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup

Hi friends…..
What’s up…… First of all sorry for taking a uninformed break. How r thing going on?...... Have missed a lot of interesting recipes and events these days.

Actually I was not felling well (very bad cold and fever) this started my break and many things (Guests to my place then had some summer trips) kept me very busy and was not able to sit in front of the system. Thank u to my dear friends who where in touch with me. Once again a big sorry for not informing about the break.

I did try some recipes in this break from my fellow bloggers and some from my cookbook collections too, but didn’t find time to click them…

This Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup is a very simple soup, suitable for all occasion. This soup can be turned out easily into a huge quantity. This soup was from one of my favorite south Indian chef Mr. Damodaran head of the MGR Catering College, Chennai. I got this recipe from one of his TV show. I tried this immediately after I saw his show, from that time it became my favorite soup ever. This is a vegetarian soup, but the same recipe can be turned easily into Egg Drop Sweet Corn Soup or Chicken Sweet Corn Soup. I have tried both the version, they tastes equally good.

Ingredients :

Onion – 1 big
Cabbage – ½ cup Shredded
Carrot – ¼ cup cubed
Beans – ¼ cup Diced
Capsicum – ¼ cup diced
Spring onions - few
Ginger garlic paste – 2 teaspoon
Water – around 10cups
Fresh Corn Kernels – ½ cup
Sugar – 1 teaspoon
Ajinomoto – ½ teaspoon
Corn flour – 2 to 3 tablespoon
Butter – 2 tablespoon

Procedure :

1. Heat butter in a deep sauce pot. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté for few seconds then drop the finely diced onions to it and cook for 2 minutes.

2. In the meanwhile grind the fresh corn kernels into a fine paste and add it to the sauce pot.

3. Now add the vegetables and sauté it for few seconds till the vegetables are soft.

4. Add water, salt, pepper, ajinomoto and bring it up to a boil.

5. Mix corn flour with ¼ cup of water and pour it to the soup. Boil for 2 minutes.

6. Finally add sugar and sprinkle with green onions and fresh corn kernels and serve it hot.


  1. wow... Really looks yummy & delicious... nice click... great entry...

  2. Glad to see u back! The soup is very creamy and simple :) Love ur pict presentation!
    Hope u re better now :)

  3. hey sukanya..i missed u a lot...hope ur feeling fine dear...ur corn soup looks tempting and colourful...will soon try...

  4. welcome back Sukanya..soup looks lovely..I have a similar one in my blog made in Microwave..

  5. Looking very yummy sllllllllllp

  6. Hope u are doing fine now...nice soup

  7. Hi Sukanya,Your soup looks delicious and tempting :)

  8. Sweet corn soup looks delicious and good:))I have one in my blog made in microwave.

  9. soo deliciois N healthy .. love it

  10. Welcome back Sukanya, delicious soup, look yummy !!!

  11. Hope you are feeling better now, Sukanya.

  12. Nice to see you back, and I'm glad you're feeling better!!! The soup looks delicious :)

  13. Welcome back Sukanya! Hope you are feeling good now :) Your soup looks appetizing!

  14. Hi sukanya,
    soup looks very deliciousand the photograph is gr8 with red background...

  15. hwy sukanya...happy friendship day..

  16. Sukanya glad to see you back..The soup looks so good and I love corn soup..So will try this soon..
    Hope you are feeling better now and wish you a very happy friendship day!!

  17. that bowl of soup is so healthy and nice! good one

  18. I'm not a fan of soups but if I must have it, this is what I go for.

  19. sweet corn soup is one of my fav!!!! love the 2nd pic.. the one with 2 bowls

  20. Please check my blog..have passed on a meme to you.

  21. As a kid, I adored this soup, its great how you have made it healthir by adding lots of veggies.
    Hope you are feeling better now. Take Care.

  22. Welcome back Sukanya..How r u doing now?Hope everything turns out good now...The soup is so inviting and looks creamy too..Love the pic as usual

  23. looks rich, creamy and perfect...

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  26. ur back after a long long time, have u been,..hows ur cold now,..this soup looks delicious just like other recipe sin ur blog,..hope to cee more delicious posts from ur blog..hppy bloggin cee ya soon,..:-)

  27. Looks like a good, hearty soup.

  28. Nice soup Sukanya! this is probably the first item that I used to order at any Indo-Chinese restaurant :)

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  30. welcome back sukanya!! happy to know that u r well and back in full swing! ;-)

    the corn soup looks delicious!! its one of my favourites too!!

  31. hey thanks for dropping by my blog....
    u ve a delicious blog....
    and the picture is simply awesome

  32. theres something for u on my blog, sukanya!

  33. Hi sukanya
    welcome back.

    Corn soup really looks yummy

  34. Sweet corn soup was the only soup I would order at restaurants growing up (and still do).

    Great to have to you back!

  35. Soup looks very delicious & healthy.
    Hope now you are doing ok.

  36. Hi Purva Desai:
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  37. Lovely is a simple recipe indeed...would love to have it on a cold day..

  38. hey check out blog for fun filled festive food event

  39. you have a very good blog. this is the first time i have seen a recipe for the veg corn soup. i will surely be trying this and all other recipes in your link. it all looks amazing

  40. this came out really well ! Am very happy - its my favourite soup ! Thanks



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